COVID flight operation preparation at TIA

June 03 2020

The airport closure worldwide due to COVID 19 pandemic has been great challenge for the entire aviation industry and world economy. It is imperative that the world needs to face a lot of challenges to get back to its usual self of pre COVID era. It requires a lot of changes and process set up for the aviation to resume. To prepare itself for POST COVID traffic, Tribhuvan International Airport too has made some preparation.

TIA has made preparations to ensure social distancing and dis-infection of the passenger movement areas. The setup of health desk at the departure and arrival, marking areas with social distancing signs, arrangement of seating with social distancing norms, regular disinfection of the passenger movement areas, providing and ensuring the use of PPE by all the required individuals, Sanitization tunnels for the arrival passengers, new boarding gates are few steps that TIA has taken to prepare itself to handle passenger for post COVID operation. Beside this, there has been few significant upgrade that has been completed during the lockdown stage of the airport. The major has been the runway extension work completion within the lockdown period and the new arrival terminal extension which will facilitate passengers better at arrival.

The below video report published by Nepali Times has better covered the development at TIA.

And below BBC News Nepali coverage on the preparation works by the TIA for the handling of passengers and flight during and post COVID operation. 

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